Effective Management for Documents & Data

With printing and documents often responsible for as much as between 1 & 3% of an organisation’s revenue (Gartner), the management of information and control of documents within a business is vital.

As an expert and independent partner, Karlson has the expertise to advise on the most effective deployment of technology to manage your documents and increase efficiency, whilst controlling costs. From specification to final solution, we will help you determine the best process and guide you through selection, installation and steady state management.  Document and data management can either form part of our Expanded MPS service offering or as a discreet standalone service.

The advantages of electronic document management are endless. Although it varies from company to company, here are some major benefits of digitising assets:

  • SPACE SAVINGS – when you scan documents using one of our software solutions most standard business records can simply be destroyed or archived
  • TIME SAVINGS – giving you the ability to find the document you are looking for almost instantly, meaning you will have more time to spend on your business
  • COMPLIANCE – legislation and regulations put pressure on organisations to manage and maintain file stores. Electronic document management will keep your filing in order and enforce filing criteria, ultimately aiding compliance
  • DISASTER RECOVERY – by storing documents electronically they will automatically be backed up and copies can easily be created for offsite storage, avoiding the potential total loss of vital records
  • SAVE MONEY – all of the above ultimately amount to savings. Space costs money, employees and their time costs money, failure to comply can cost you a fine and a disaster could even destroy your business

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