Integrated Workplace Technology Solutions

Workplace Technology… not just a generic statement, it now stands for everything that embodies the Karlson business offering. Our aim is to bring you, through each of our specialist value propositions, every aspect of technology infrastructure you require in the workplace.

Our core specialism is in delivering Best in Class Managed Print Solutions.  Our solutions can complement any level of maturity:

  1. Clients who have never considered this area of spend before and who do not fully appreciate the scale of possible savings.
  2. Clients who have achieved some savings through focus and rationalisation but who have not yet realised the full benefits they expected
  3. Clients who have optimised their cost of printing and now want to re-engineer their most prominent paper based processes

Via the three MPS service layers shown on the right we will fully support whichever profile applies to each client. We will recommend the approach which best suits your pace of ambition for savings and productivity improvements and we will put in a place a contractual relationship that is completely orientated on sustainably delivering your required business outcomes.

Digital Document Management and Integrated IT Services are important components of our three MPS service layers but should you wish you can also buy these propositions on a standalone basis.

As part of our commitment to offer our customers a complete end to end solution we can also supply a full range of office equipment and consumables via our subsidiary business the Karlson Kiosk.

Our full suite of Services & MPS Solutions will deliver the following benefits:

Managed Print Services

  • Reduce cost and improve carbon credentials
  • Save paper, save operating costs and improve end user experience
  • Control and visibility = containment of cost and process
  • Improve business efficiency
  • Reduce labour intensive costs, improve accuracy and enhance end user experience
  • On demand and control usage
  • Enhance security and reduce waste
  • End user service focused
  • Flexibility and partnership approach
  • Process integration
  • Reduce process complexity
  • Optimise process and improve productivity
  • Reduce IT costs and increase uptime and security

Document Management

  • Reduce storage costs
  • Improve end user experience and compliance

Wider IT Optimisation

  • Further enhance process, end user service, experience and join up supply chain process, reduce supply chain management costs with Karlson or incumbent IT supply chain partner