Managed Print, Document and IT Solutions for the Retail Industry

Of all the sectors we work in, retail is the most demanding when it comes to maximising savings and efficiency. In such a fast paced environment, where margin is a key competitive differentiator and innovation is essential, this comes as no surprise. Our flexible model and focus on performance are ideally suited to the retail sector, and we enjoy the challenge of delivering quality and cost savings in equal measure.

We understand that retail organisations need to work with suppliers that share their commitment to staying ahead by continuously adding value. In terms of managed print and document services, as well as IT integration, this value can be achieved in many ways.

Working with Karlson, retail customers benefit from:

  • Initial cost savings in the region of 30-40% achieved by optimising processes and print assets to increase efficiency, and by an overall reduction in print volume.
  • Sustained cost savings as we track your progress, and continue to deliver best value throughout the relationship.
  • The boost to environmental credentials that comes from reducing overall print volume, such as lower paper usage and energy consumption.
  • A flexible contract structure that can evolve with the organisation’s changing requirements, such as new premises and internal processes.
  • Access to the latest technology from the world’s leading managed print and document related manufacturers, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in terms of efficiency, performance and cost savings.

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