Supporting the Healthcare Industry with Bespoke Solutions

Achieving visibility and control over print and document related activity in the healthcare sector can be a real challenge. Spend may be quite fragmented and several people are likely to be involved in decision-making. Add to this the complexities associated with any healthcare environment, such as the necessity of machine uptime and data compliance, and the value of well-managed print and document services is clear.

We have a strong track record in the industry, working with healthcare businesses around the country to achieve greater transparency and efficiency around printing and document management. Reducing print volumes and costs is also an important goal, which we achieve through ongoing innovation and process improvement.

Finding a long-term MPS partner that will continue to deliver value is vital in a sector where change can be difficult to implement, and where there’s so much pressure on resources. At Karlson we invest in partnerships with our customers, based on a close understanding of their way of working, access to the best technology, excellent technical and service support, and experience of working with leading healthcare providers.


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